Saturday, 14 March 2015



Aienn nak share lagi sekali how Premium Beautiful corset improved my health problem. 

Sebelum ni Aienn pernah share pasal cyst. I used to have cyst and alhamdulillah bila consistent pakai PB corset ni, the cyst was gone. Cyst can regrow and for prevention, I still wear it until now. Alhamdulillah, takde tanda2 cyst tu grow again.

PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL corset is the BEST lingerie that I've ever worn.

You can read here to read the whole story. 


I am now at my 30 weeks pregnancy.

During my first pregnancy, Aienn ade sakit belakang yang teramat sangat. In fact, mmg sebelum pregnant pon, during my menstrual, no period pain tapi pinggang sakit macam rasa nak patah =(

However, this time around, syukur sangat2, sebab tak sakit pinggang langsung till now. And i hope sampai bila2 lah takkan sakit lagi pinggang macam dulu. 
I took epidural time delivered my first baby, Hareez Fawzaan and ramai orang cakap epidural akan menyebabkan sakit belakang etc. Risau jugak tapi alhamdulillah mmg takde sakit2 belakang. And i am 200% Premium Beautiful corset banyak membantu. And of coz, semuanya atas kehendak ALLAH swt jgk.

I'd love to share more with you about this amazing corset. 

Ring me!

Aienn Latifi


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