Sunday, 9 March 2014

Malacca Trip | Feb 2014

Malacca Trip was so MUCH FUN with my dearest Hareez Fawzaan! =)

We went to Malacca earlier last month - cuti Chinese New Year. Initially sebab ada appointment kat sana. Lepas tu my husband pon cuti on, alang-alang dah cuti and I have appointments, kita pegi laa jalan-jalan sekali =)

All places we went were an adhoc plan. Nampak je tempat yang agak menarik terus singgah.

And the first place was...

Malacca Crocodile Park in Ayer Keroh 

This was Hareez's first visit to the 'zoo'.
In shaa Allah one day nanti kita pergi the real Zoo plak. heh. proud as the peacock. cantik, kan?

And us at the park! I love this picture soo much... 

Hareez Fawzaan was soooo gediks! *as usual* =p

And after that perut pun dah lapar, it's time for lunch!
We went to town to get the famous asam pedas Melaka.

It was at Asam Pedas Selera Kampung...

...memang sedap sangat sampai menjilat jari...!!

ada kerang bakar,

ada masak lemak udang galah,

and few other lauks ;)

Then, time for checking in...
We stayed at the Hatten Hotel, Melaka.

Attracted with this hotel sebab it is linked to the shopping mall, the Dataran Pahlawan Mall. 
The room was pretty big and modern.

Nice..... =)

Berposing sekejap, rehat, mandi, solat, then we straight away pergi cari tempat for dinner. Hahahaha.

and we makan again! =p
This is one of the most famous ikan bakar places in Melaka. 

Muara Sungai Duyung!!

The food here were SUPERB! 
Highly recommended when you come to Melaka and look for marvelous seafood.

We had ikan siakap tiga rasa,

Pepahat goreng cili,

Garlic buttered prawn,

and sotong goreng tepung...

My God! Memang makan sakan. 
This is what they called JALAN-JALAN CARI MAKAN... heh

And after dinner, pegi Jonker Street

Looking for chendol. Hahah. Takde lah! Dah kenyang sangat2. Just jalan2 bawa Hareez tengok lampu and naik beca =)

The end for the day!
The next day, kitorng naik Menara Taming Sari.
As early as 10am, we walked from the hotel to...

...Menara Taming Sari.

Here goes the view from the inside...

Hareez Fawzaan pun excited..!!

...and 'peace' from the top of menara by Hareez heheh

After Taming Sari, we strolled through Dataran Pahlawan Mall before head back to Kajang =)

Love lots!

Aienn Latifi

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