Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day 3 in Seoul

Breakfast at Itaewon - Shopping at Paju Premium Outlet - Sight seeing - Lotte World - Night market

Here goes;

We started our day as usual, mengisi perut dulu.
We had breakfast at the same area, Itaewon but different restaurant. 

 After breakfast, snapped few pictures with the group.

Hahahah dan bila dah kenyang, jadi camni lah! =p

Later we took about one hour journey to Paju Premium Outlet.
The best thing was, GLAMpreneurs was the ONLY group yang di bawa ke sini.
Special kan? =)

Paju Premium Outlet memang besar!
Siap ada large Carousel lagi dalam shopping area.
Unique about this Carousel, they were hand-crafted! 

We can hardly find halal food in this area. So we back and forth eating this yummy Churros! First time merasa.

Sampai berebut lagi. Hihi.

And after that we went for sight seeing. 
Beautiful Seoul, i can say! 

...and the best place for the day was...

A place where everybody would love to go. 

Meeting with all the cartoon characters, including.... 


It's Hareez's favourite cartoon!
How i wish to bring him here, one day! 
In shaa Allah...

There was also a play on that day.
I wasn't so sure the title of this play but it has something to do with Halloween since they will be celebrating Halloween end of September, i guess ;)

Penat memang penat, the whole day berjalan. 
But we wanted to fully utilize our time in Seoul.

Later that night, we walked down to the night market.
About 20 minutes walk from our hotel.

Memang happening, and in fact, some of the shopping malls memang buka sampai pukul 4-5 pagi! 
And I just assumed K0reans don't sleep. 

Till then!
Will continue with Day 4, next. 
More exciting stories for sure.

Stay tuned... =)

Love lots!
Aienn Latifi

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