Wednesday, 2 October 2013

#GLAMjourneys to SEOUL! =)

Sorry for the delay guys.

Few events held last week and let's start with the farthest place! =)

We flew to
Seoul, Korea!

Alhamdulillah. Korea trip was superb!
Again, company never failed to provide the best treatment for us!

First day, we were wearing the very first GLAM t-shirt. 


Love the design. Simple yet eye catching! 

To match with green pants, nice.

Started from in-flight meal pon dah sedap. 

What more in Korea.

When we traveled via plane, Subhanallah. 
We can see the beautiful views from above...
The soil of Seoul :-)


We arrived Seoul early in the morning. Picked our luggage and freshened up.

Our first group photo in Korea. At the Incheon International Airport.

About 160 GLAMpreneurs joined this trip.

First stop to a Halal Restaurant, was Usmania at Itaewon, for brunch. Halal restaurants were everywhere in this area.


After makan, we walked along the Itaewon area. 

Amik2 gambar of coz!

Sweet couple in Seoul. #lol

Perut dah kenyang. Next stop to shopping mall!!! =)

 8 floors of shopping area. This shopping mall closes at 5am, okay! 


One of the places where we can find souvenirs was here. 

Apa lagi, memang kena serbu laa dengan GLAMpreneurs. 

Merpati Korea...hehe =)

We stayed at the Best Western Premier in Kuk-do.

A very comfortable and spacious room we had.
 2+1 bed gitew! 
Lagi satu bed tuh letak bag je laa... Hehe. 

This hotel isn't far from the shopping malls and also a subway station. Very convenient!

At night, we straight away went to Company Gala Dinner.
I can say that it was the BEST gala dinner, so far!!

The food,

the people,

...and also the performances from the local Korean artists.

We're not actually the K-pop lovers but that night, we really enjoyed the performances.

Memang sangat2 best!!


CDM Sha Khalid from GLAM was given the honour to share her beautiful journey with
Hai-O Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

From a full time engineer, to a part time businesswoman and now to a full time businesswoman.

Her successful journey was truly inspiring!  

After dinner sempat snap one picture with my strongest supporter, my husband!
Alhamdulillah, bila dah buat business we can go for honeymoon twice a year for FREE =)
and we appreciate each other more!

Thank you, sayang!!! =) 

Last but not least,
the Gangnam Style with the whole of GLAMpreneurs together with our
General Manager of Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd.

...and that was the end of our Day 1 in Korea.

We then went back to our hotel and prepare for an awesome Day 2...!!


Love lots!

Aienn Latifi

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