Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hareez will turn 2!! =)


My baby boy, Hareez Fawzaan will turn TWO this month.

Nothing can describe how happy I am being his mother. And he’s such a good boy. Well, I’m sure semua ibu pon mesti cakap anak dia baik, kan? Hikhikhik.

At his early stage nak mengenal bunyi, kenal suara, kenal orang, he has this high interest towards Islamic thingy such as Astro Oasis channel, Zikir2, Azan, Lagu2 Nasyid etc. compared to Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Astro Ceria n bla bla bla. Unlike his cousins yang memang sentiasa mengadap cartoons =p hehehe

But, now that he is exposed to gadgets (iPads and iPhones), Hareez sangat suka Pororo.

Huhu. Well, kids changed. But I hope his passion towards Islamic thingy will not fade...
...In Shaa Allah

Here’s my baby. From his early born until now. He will turn 2 in just two days time. In Shaa Allah, I'm planning to celebrate his birthday with just a simple celebration. Yea laa, he’s only 2 and it’s now Ramadhan...hehehe. Will update on his birthday celebration later.

For now, enjoy the pictures. You'll be smiling all the way i guess. =)

Hareez 1-day young 

Hareez 1-month young

Hareez 2-months young

Look at his hair, lebat kan? Memang sayang sangat nak potong...but never mind, his hair will grow.
I'm not sure whether this petua really works or not, but Aienn amalkan makan kurma time mengandung. That's what I heard laa. Bila makan kurma, rambut baby lebat =) try it! 

Hareez 3-months young

Yes, this is STILL Hareez 3-months young after his Aqiqah ceremony =)

Hareez 4-months young

Hareez 5-months young

Hareez 6-months young

Hareez 9-months young

*down with bronchitis for 5-days =(

Hareez 1-year old

Hareez 15-months young

Hareez 18-months young

Hareez 21-months young

That's our beloved Hareez Fawzaan.
Penenang hati. Penyejuk mata. 

Till then.... =)

Love lots!

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