Friday, 21 June 2013

Rebates and New Trip!!

Salam & Hello everyone!

Rebates from the company baru je dibuka,

sehingga 30 Jun 2013 SAHAJA!!

The rebates are for purchase of;
  • Premium Beautiful Corset

  • Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

  • Biozone Food Purifier

  • Bio Aura Water Filter

What's so special about this rebate? 

BEFORE; 1st bonus as Sales Manager is RM3,000
NOW; 1st bonus as Sales Manager is RM4,700!!

Additional of RM1,700!! Banyak kann??

Memang sangat2 seronok buat belanja
Bulan Puasa and Hari Raya!!


With Ramadhan in less than a month, this would be good for your budget during the fasting month & Hari Raya...

If you are looking for EXTRA INCOME,
this is the BEST time for you to start.

Also, new trip to AUSTRALIA is already opened!!

Selain dapat duit belanja puasa, belanja raya, and your monthly expenses,
this is the BEST time for you to
start opening your travel map...

Let's start our journey to travel

in less than 2 years myself as fulltime mumpreneur, Aienn dah berjaya pergi ke;

credits to

credits to

and In Shaa Allah will fly to South Korea this September. 

Semuanya di tanggung oleh pihak syarikat.

BEST kan? =D

Jadi, apa tunggu lagi?

Call/Whatsapp me now. I will share with you the details of this business and YOU DECIDE! The decision is always in your hand.

Don't miss this opportunity.
Be part of GLAMpreneur now!

Love lots,

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