Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hanis Haizi, the Success Mogul!

From an ordinary person, a plain housewife, she is now a

She's in all latest edition of NONA, InTrend & Hijabista magazines.



*hijabista (cover)

Not only in magazines, she was also on TV, 
Saffiyya, tv9

 ...and Bella

brought to you by nTV7

And also been invited to be one of the guests at 
Bella Awards, She Sparkles.

"Malaysia’s 1st women awards show – Bella Awards 2013 – 
to celebrate, recognise, and honour successful women for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society."

Quoted from her blog:

"Alhamdullilah they call me Sukses Mogul or Mogul Idola! 

This time around masuk magazine Intrend pula. thank you so much for this opportunity!! one after another! 

Buat business nak ubah hidup, but then All the testimonials, fame and glamour datang 

Hanis Haizi is a Success Mogul!!


Stop wishing to be like Hanis Haizi now.

We WILL be like her.

She also began her journey like all of us.
The journey to success.

So why wait?

Call/pm me now to start.

I will guide you all the way together with our team leader,

and of course our BUSINESS MOGUL,

Together we build our better future. 

Love lots!

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