Thursday, 28 March 2013

London City Tour

London Eye-Buckingham Palace visited, 

Then kitorng melawat pulak 
The Westminster Abbey 

The church where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married. =)

Not so far from the church kitorng jalan pulak ke 
Big Ben. me! =p 

We took pictures & we also sang songs here.

Memang sangat2 happening sampai bila orang lalu lalang area ni sempat stop amik gmbar kitorng. Hahaha.

GLAMpreneurs RAWK!!!! =D

Then off to next destination....

Tower Bridge! and Hanis Haizi

It was so cold and memang in London, WAJIB minum hot drinks and yang paling laku sekali was Hot Chocolate! 

Sooo Yummy!!!!

Bila pegi trip camni dah rase cam retis. 
Paparazzi everywhere! Hehehehheh.

And these are the group of our official paparazzi.

The Husbands!!! 

We are glad to have such supporting husbands. Dulu diorng lah antara kaum yg tak bagi langsung buat business ni but now....

They are our backbones, our strongest supporters and they are even our shopping partners! =D

Thank you so much sayang! I love you soooooo much! Nanti kita bawa Hareez pulak yea? =)

See.... Memang berkaliber kan my paparazzi nih? tengah tunggu orang pon dia sempat lagi snap. ;)

Love lots!
Aienn Latifi

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