Monday, 25 March 2013

Kuala Lumpur to London


First of all syukur sgt2 kami selamat pergi ke kota London & Paris dan pulang semula ke tanah air. 
It was such an amazing journey we had right from the start.

This is my third FREE trip with Hai-O Marketing and my FIRST Europe trip. 
And of coz, I can say the BEST trip so far. Name pon pegi Europe kan, mestilah best! Hehe. 

GLAMpreneurs to LONDON & PARIS!

Bila sebut these two countries I was like meremang bulu roma sbb mmg dari dulu nak sgt2 pegi. 

When I was in TKC, i took French as my third language so tau laa jgk serba sedikit tentang negara Perancis nih. =)

Ok, let's start with KLIA


Gelombang hijau sekali lagi melanda KLIA.
Last time was during our trip to Guangzhou back in July 2012.

But this time around we're going to London!! =)

Thanks to beloved family and partners yang hantar sampai ke KLIA.
Thanks jgk to everyone yang mendoakan perjalanan kami pergi dan pulang. 
Partners yg tak putus2 hantar msgs saying 'enjoy' and 'good bye' and 'take care' etc. 
Appreciate it so much! 

Thank you so much again!! =)

...With my soulmate, Mr. Shazwan Saleh =)

...and my beloved leader aka my bestfriend, Naa Kamaruddin.

In the train to the International satellite building.
Macam2 perasaan ada masa ni but most importantly, 
one thing for sure,


In the flight makan, tdo and layan movie je. 
What else to do kan. Heh. And tgk2 dah nak sampai......

Arrived London airport on Saturday morning around 7am, London time. 

As we touched down, the temperature outside was 6 degree celsius. 

Subhanallah... Berdebarnya...

... to be continued ;)

Love lots!
Aienn Latifi

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