Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bicester Village, Harrods are Shopping Heaven

It's shopping time!! 
It was on all day shopping at Bicester Village, London.

Bicester Village is located off from London city. 
About 1 hour journey from our stay at Holiday Inn Kensington.

As we arrived Bicester Village, the temperature was 1degC.
Very windy and it was freaking cold.

We were early, the shops were not yet opened so we rescued ourselves in the phone booth. Heheh.

Shivering! =p

GLAM got the VIP passes to shop. 
Extra discount for the VIP shoppers. 
Bukan semua org boleh dapat tau! So lucky! =)

Mommy Naa kamaruddin's ready to bring us for great shopping event! =)

Most of the branded items we can be found here. Such as...



*Calvin Klein


*Paul Smith



*Brooks Brothers

*Kate Spade



*Ted Baker



 *Jimmy choo

*Dolce & Gabbana

....and MANY MOREEE!!!!!!

It was snowing. Subhanallah. First time merasa snow turun.


*click image for bigger view. come closer to see the snow!* :)



Later at night, we went to Harrods. 
Another shopping heaven in London.
Mostly we bought Harrods' souvenirs here and the prices were waaaayyyyyy cheaper than Harrods' KLCC. hihi. Jangan jealous! ;)

Meet Harrods' mascot everyone..

And the shopping begun...

Beautiful Harrods at night.

And beautiful me with London umbrella. Hihi ;)

The end of day 3 in London

Stay tune!

Love lots!

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