Thursday, 10 January 2013

Shanghai 2013

All trips were awesome!
Started off with my first trip with company,
Vietnam trip in March 2012

Then we went to Guangzhou, China in July 2012

One whole bus under Beautiful Circles founder,

One after another.
 The most awaited trip will be in March 2013.
Semua orang pon dah tau kan.....

We'll be going to London and Paris!!

More than half of the qualifiers from all over Malaysia will be from 
Green Leaders Group
Led by CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain

  January 2013

The official trip for 2013 is opened.
We'll fly up high to SHANGHAI, CHINA.....

All-expense-paid trip. A 5-star Trip.
It is so easy to qualify for this trip.

No secret recipes to achieve it.

Just believe in yourself.

If we can do it, YOU CAN DO IT too!

Let's venture to Shanghai together with me.

Be one of the qualifiers under Beautiful Circles,
the candidates from GLAM.

Secure you ticket(s) now okay....

Love lots!

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