Friday, 21 December 2012

Congratulations Kuin =)

My dearest friend, Tunku Intan Wajihah (Kuin) has finally got hitched by a man named Azlan. =)
to both of you.

Kat ruang makan. So tradisional and I love this place so much. Villaymay, Shah Alam.
Has anyone been here before for spa or any other event?

 With my TKC friends. And the gossips begun.... =)

Classic kan? Siap bertudung saji...
And the food was yummehhh...!!!

With our tablemates, Masera Shah and her husband. 
She's gorgeous. Mak orang ni tau! Anak satu. :)
It's been ages since the last time we met, tak ingat bila. Zaman2 TKC dulu laa...

Diiringi dengan alunan muzik. Chewah.... hehe
But it was PERFECT!!

The deco to the hall. Shazwan just loved it. Unique!

Stairways to heaven dengan bidadari dari kayangan. ;)

In the solemnization area. I was so amazed with the decorations, the hantaran itself etc. etc.
Mmg sangat2 cantik.

And the pengantin lama =p

Then, bergambar dengan mak pengantin.
She is one super sporting mom!
Congrats aunty...
 Aunty sharifah and me, Aienn Latifi =)

And finally, last but not least....

The bride and me

 ...and US!

I love the pic below so much. Heheh. Sorry yea Kuin, curik from your fb! =p

Cuns kan? Love it!

Congratulations my dear.
Love you so much, my friend, and hope you'll be happy with your husband and your future babies forever...

Aienn Latifi

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