Friday, 14 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2012

It's the world's largest book sale!!!
75% - 95% Discounts on all 3 Millions Books! 

This is super crazy sales.
Me and my husband went there yesterday.

Here are some pictures that we took. =)

 The books are all in good conditions. Mostly!

Stacks of books.

All books are placed accordingly, and it was
easy to find type of books that you want. 


and of coz MANY MORE.....!!

What time does this open? Until when? Where is it?

Heh. You might ask about it. Here are the details;

9am - 9pm
(BUT! 14th-16th, open for 60 hours straight!) 

7 - 23 December 2012

Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC )

If you are not familiar with this place, i hope this map can help you to get there.

Enjoy shopping the books!

Do share your review after your visit k! 


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