Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Excellent Achievers Celebration!


The first celebration at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.
Big applause to all the EXCELLENT ACHIEVERS from GLG, the GLAMpreneurs,
for receiving 100G Award, DDM and CDM Award.

RM100,000 Sales a.k.a 100G Award..!!
berkat usaha tanpa putus asa, 
I finally achieved it.

Without endless support and faith from these two beautiful ladies, 
I'm sure I won't be able to achieve it till today.

Thank you so much to my direct leader, 
She gave her full support from the day I stepped into this business world. 

Also, big THANK to my dearest 
she's my inspiration and i can see me-in-future in her

 And of course, without my beautiful partners, I won't be able to achieve. Thanks to all of you, the Proficient Loops.

  Lastly, to my partner-in-crime, 
Bukan2, to Cik Juju, Partner in Beautiful Circles who also achieved 100G Award, 

We'll fly higher together with all our partners.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Be part of GLAMpreneurs now.
Choose Green Leaders Group
Choose Beautiful Circles
Choose ME!
I'll guide you all the way.



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