Monday, 29 October 2012

Third Anniversary in Penang..

10 October 2012

It's our third anniversary...Alhamdulillah :)

We didn't have any plan to celebrate it, so pretty much like just keluar for dinner and that's it. Heh. 

But suddenly i have few clients in Perak and Penang whoz interested to know about our beautiful business. And an adhoc plan, appointments ON! We booked a hotel room in Penang just for one night stay sebab Shazwan has to work on Sunday. And there goes our short trip to Penang

On 12 October 2012, early in the morning, we (me, hubby and Hareez) off to Penang...!! 

It's been ages since the last time we went to Penang. 
Full of excitement! =D

On our way to Penang, ktorng stopped for our first appointment in Taiping. Met my old friend. Kawan sejak kecil lagi. InsyaAllah will be my business partner soon. 
Alhamdulillah =)

 After that, straight to Penang...
...the classic view of Penang Bridge

First appointment in Penang was at Gurney Plaza. Just next to our hotel. 
Proceed with the appointment dulu then baru checked-in.  

Our room in G Hotel, Penang...very spacious!! snap inside the bathroom :)

Lepas tu, Shazwan bersungguh nak bawak Hareez pegi swimming pool... si Daddy yang bersungguh heheheh

The pool at G Hotel...
Crystal clear...with the next door's condominium's reflection

Dua beranak kat dalam jacuzzi...

Si kecik ni kelaparan lepas abes swimming heheheh habis sekotak Milo uollsss...!!

After Maghrib, we went to Gurney Plaza, again but this time for dinner...

This shot was just minutes before it rained hehehe nasib baik sempat...

Oopppsss...we went for dinner tapi i sempat je grab one blouse heheheh ;-)

The next day, we started off with breakfast in G Hotel..!!

Hareez: Mummy, Daddy...let's go!!! ;-)

Yummyyy...!! =D

Waffle, with maple syrup, honey, mango sauce, kiwi sauce...niccceee ~
Si kecik yang daa kenyang...

...dan menggedik!! heheheh

View from our room...

...with Persiaran Gurney in front of our hotel

On our way back to KL, kitorang naik feri back to Butterworth...memang purposedly chose to take ferry, kononnya nak bawak Hareez (padahal Mummy die pun 1st time nak naik feri yang boleh bwk msk kereta nih heheheh)

View from the car deck, at the front part of the ferry... :)

Hareez: Nak swimming...!!

Aiyoookk...cannot laa Hareez

The Penang Bridge

Hareez still not interested with the camera...he wants to swim!!! heheheh

Us...on the ferry! Silauuuuu....

This is from the upper deck...angin lagi kuat kott

Us...on the upper deck

That is Butterworth...about half an hour trip via ferry from Penang Island.
Rainy clouds catching up...hehehe

Before off to KL, singgah butterworth for next appointment. 
Then to KL.................... =)

We arrived KL just before maghrib. Siap2, then terus jumpa my business partner, bantu dia pakaikan premium beautiful corset to her client. After that anta Shazwan to Puduraya, naik bus blk Kuantan. He has to work on Sunday. Yealaa, org keje kat Terengganu. ;p
Sampai rumah terus flat...............................
After all, the journey was great. Hope to go to Penang again next time, to meet my partners there =)

Tapi ada jugak sad thing happened in Penang. 
Apa dia? I'll tell you later k....... :(


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