Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Great Stuff in October ;)

It's the last day of October.

Many things happened in October. 
Tapi sebagai hambaNya, kita terima segala yang berlaku dengan redha.
Segalanya adalah Qada' dan Qadar dari Allah s.w.t.

From my last post i did mention that something happened during my short trip in Penang. 


It's the saddest thing ever. Bagai hilang nyawa. Huhu.
I might dropped it somewhere, someone might has taken it or 
I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

*xtau camne nak cerita, hilang secara mengejut*

Well, back to KL, planning to get a new Iphone. 
Nak jugak Iphone sbb dah comfortable with it. 
I'm loving it =)
While searching for a new Iphone4S, 
my friends ask me to wait for Iphone5. 

It's so un-decide-able =p

Memang merata tempat jgk nak cari and some offers a second hand Iphone4S 
(thanks alot guys for offering it to me)
Bukan taknak tapi tak tahu laa. Tak sure nak ke tak Iphone4S ni sebenarnya or I shud just wait for Iphone5.

Lastly i bought this. Hahhahaha. Sebab dah tak tau nak beli yang mana. =p
The New Ipad :) 

And also I bought myself a new handbag. =) 
Self reward for my RM100,000 sales last month. 

Kate Spade New York Carlisle Street Sylvie  :)

September was a super duper busy month,
Husband's birthday fell on that month, memang terpaksa tangguh his birthday celebration.
 Opppssss..... Speaking of Birthday Celebrations, dah lama tak buat post on that... 
Ok, I owe u that. Nnt Aienn akan buat ok! =)

Lastly, heheh.. Here goes, a birthday present a.k.a anniversary present from me to my dearest husband, Mr. Shazwan Saleh. 
All the way from Milan =) 
Thanks to Hanis Haizi sebab tolong belikan. =)

Prada Saffiano Mens Wallet :)

That's all. Tak boleh spend banyak2. Kena buat savings jugak(of course!) and also bekalan untuk ke London & Paris nnt =)

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh... Can't wait! 
Dear March, please come fast! Let's shop till drop. Hahahahaahahahahhaha.....

p/s: kalo ada yang ada planning nak pesan anything from London&Paris nnt insyaAllah Aienn terima. First come first serve =)

Till then.


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