Saturday, 20 October 2012

An Outing with Hareez Fawzaan :)


Finally September ends. London/Paris trip also ends.
But October starts with new smile, new hope and new victory! =)

First day in October to 4th October masih lagi kalut to settle saki baki September and Alhamdulillah, settled...

5th October 2012
We decided to spend the whole day with our dearest baby,
Hareez Fawzaan bin Shazwan =D

  Initially, I have an appointment in Melaka and we planned to tag Hareez along.
Planned to go to Malacca Zoo but everybody *bantah =p*...
The reasons mostly because he is too young and the weather is hot

So ok laa. Tetibe my client call da night before and said he has some urgent matter. 
So the appointment cancelled...

Sending bibik to her husband's place in Damansara,
we off to Setia City Mall, Setia Alam.

That was the first time Shazwan & Hareez been there.
Tapi I dah selalu sebab quite few times jgk ada appointments kat situ.
Itu laa untungnya buat bisnes ni. Macam2 tempat kita boleh pergi. Heh

Sampai2 je terus g makan. We had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market

After that we jalan2. Every floor we explored. Hehe

Meet Mr. Bear, Nissan Almera's mascot =p

Dah penat jalan, it's tea time...

 Shopped Hareez's stuff at Kid's Style and Mothercare

After that? 


Prepared myself for class at night. Then after maghrib we off to 
Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)

Hello.....? Where are the pictures?!!
Sadly to inform that all the pictures were taken using my iPhone. I lost it during my short trip to Penang =(

 Things happened for reasons.
Allah akan gantikan dengan sesuatu yang berpuluh2 kali ganda lebih baik. 

Till then =)

Aienn Latifi


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