Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dear Hanis Haizi... ;-)

Dear Hanis Haizi...

I love your blog because... is owned by the Premium Beautiful *Top Agent shares valuable information on the superb Premium Beautiful corset exhibits testimonials of yourself and your ever beautiful partners motivates me to be the best with your endless inspiring articles and write-ups arouses my urge to be just like you with the exciting success stories amplifies my envy to own collections of premiums sizzles my endeavor to always be part of your lineup traveling round the globe was that very you whom I first met last year, and changed my life soon after. 

On this day, your BIG day, your birthday

Let me utter my applaud for you, the ever amazing mentor and inspiration for me to always do. 

It’s not just our birth year, there’ll be more synonyms for us to joy and cheer. 

Please, please let me have the CHANEL surprise gift you mentioned (here)


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