Monday, 23 July 2012

K - for Kaya =)

Day 3 
 Hello Guangzhou! =)

Our 3rd day started off with SHOPPING activities!!

Before pergi, group photo dengan Group CDM Naa mesti kena ada duluuu...

Preparing myself for the SHOPPING marathon..!!

Outside the Haiyin Fabric Market

Bargaining session...

...ended up talking using calculator as our medium of language!! hehe

This lady is a tailor, tapi dia kait kain ni sebagai HOBI dia...cantekkk gilerr kann?!

After shopping, kitorang adventure sendiri pegi makan kat Halal Restaurant nearby.

Kedai ni nampak korok je, dia yummmeehhhh!!

This is the chef behind the scene...with his skills!! Daripada uli-uli tepung, jadi noodles terus...!!

Next, we went to the BEST PART of our trip:-


 Seperti biasa, bergambar sebelum naik cruise...

This is before cruising...

Ala-ala dekat 'Titanic' point...cuma ada bendera China je heheheh

Group photo atas cruise, WAJIB!! heheh with part of CDM Hanis Haizi' group

Berlatar belakangkan Guangzhou's residential apartments

Group CDM Naa on the cruise

Masa Pearl River Cruise ni, the most that we enjoyed was the scenery of Guangzhou at night...!!
The vibrant lighting were superb..!!

I feel soo blessed having the opportunity to see ALL these by myself...seblom ni selalu nampak kat postcards, TV or magazines je.

Enjoy the photos below...



Cantekk kannn??!!  Rugi laa kalau pergi Guangzhou tapi tak naik river cruise ni...

After the cruise ride, we went back and wrap up our 3rd day at Carol & John boutique near the hotel. :)

Stay tune again, for our last day...

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