Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gala Dinner at Hilton Guangzhou

At the end of the 2nd day in Guangzhou, we went for the Gala Dinner of our trip.

As part of the Green Leaders Group
of course we were at the dinner in


Me and hubby at our hotel lobby, before leaving for Hilton Hotel, Guangzhou.

The Hilton Hotel is the latest 5-star hotel in Guangzhou.
Hotel tu memang GRAND GILEERRR...!! Sesuai sangat laa dengan event Gala Dinner for Guangzhou trip ni...!!

The Baiyun Grand Ballroom
Untuk dinner malam tu, this ballroom accommodate 550 Guangzhou achievers..!! That's 55 tables!!

Entrance to the Grand Ballroom

The appetizers in the buffet line...yuummeehhhh!!

Me and Ieja...mcm the lady from Egypt heheh

 Before dinner starts, we were entertained by lion dance performance...not much difference from apa yg kita penah tengok kalau dekat Malaysia.

But still, the performance were superb...!!

Siap naik atas tiang lagi...!! Gayat kottt...!! hehehe

Me and Mar at our dinner table

Exclusive pose before dinner started

That night, our Green Leaders Group mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi telah diberi penghormatan untuk mendahului sesi perkongsian CDM!!

As always, she did it very well with her words of courage untuk menaikkan semangat semua achievers untuk tak ketinggalan ke LONDON/PARIS trip nanti..!!

Green Leaders Group photo with GM of Hai-O, Mr Teoh Nee Siang

The gents of our group =D

After the dinner, sempat jugak snap a photo with Mr Teoh hehehe

Also, these are the exclusive photos with ALL the CDMs of the Green Leaders.

Glamour and at the same time, SEDUT AURA Jutawan... !! =)

CDM Salha Zain
CDM Maisarah Ibrahim
CDM Sha Khalid
...and CDM Naa Kamaruddin,
The latest addition of CDM in our Group and ME! Next to be CDM Aienn Latifi...

That's all about the Gala Dinner...stay tune for Day-3 happenings!!

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