Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bus K di Guangzhou...

Day 2

Breakfast Done! 

Our 2nd Day itinerary started with sightseeing at the Canton TV Tower.

This TV Tower is the tallest TV tower in the world..!!
WORLD wokey... =)

Me and my partner, my soul mate and also my shopping mate 
...and the tower :)

With CDM Naa Kamaruddin and the tower =)

the hubbies in our group =D

The best among the BEST! CDMs under Hanis Haizi.
Run business sungguh2...time enjoy pun sungguh2!!

The buildings in Guangzhou are uniQue and huge

The whole of Guangzhou's qualifiers. 
Green Leaders Group mengauuummm di China!

Our huge supporters! They are our strongest bone! :)

Lepas panas2 bergambar, we went to a shopping mall. 
Planning to grab a handbag here but the prices are slightly higher than prices in Malaysia. Rugi2. Baik beli kat Malaysia jer.... 

In front of the boutiques. Amik gambar kat luar dulu, in Paris nanti kita masuk dalam pulak... =)

Souvenirs I bought for my business partners - the excellent target achievers.
Sape nak??

Next stop, of course pergi isi perut.We went to Bukhara Restaurant
a Muslim restaurant in Guangzhou.

Sooo Exclusive....

Hihi. Gambar food tak sempat amik sbb dah lapar sgt! =p

Stay tune for our Gala Dinner at Hilton, 
the newly opened 5 Star hotel in Guangdong =)

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