Sunday, 17 June 2012


Bila sebut pasal trip je mesti rasa sangat excited. I never thot that i will be travelling around the world for FOC...!!
Again, I repeat... FREE OF CHARGE..!! =)

First of all, Alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah s.w.t kerana dipertemukan dengan Premium Beautiful business ni. Seriously, bila start je join business the TOP listed things in my head were BRANDED HANDBAGS and TRAVELLING....
I love those stuff sooo bad cuma sebelum ni mmg keadaan tak mengizinkan utk dapatkannya.
Well, i do have few handbags sebelum ni but of coz laa naluri seorang wanita, I always want more and more and more but hello......
I CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!'s like to buy once a year pon susah kot. Huhu.
Ok, letz put the handbags story aside. Name pon nak cerita pasal trip kan... =)

My first trip with this company was going to VIETNAM. Well, can be considered as the first honeymoon with my dearest husband over the sea laa kan. Ehhh silap2, penah pergi Sabah laa but still, Malaysia. Hehe.
Vietnam trip was beyond our expectations. Everything was tip-top.
From KLIA lagi tour leader dah sediakan macam2. Flight was so comfy, food was GREAT, FIVE STAR accommodation, and apa it? Mmg semua sekali lah BEST!
Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 in Vietnam were so tremendous!

This coming July 11th, we will fly again. Hehe. But not to Vietnam! We'll be going to GUANGZHOU, CHINA.....!!!! =)
Seriously...can't wait to go there. Our second FOC trip. Itinerary program dah dapat pon and mostly activity yang kitorng bakal laksanakan ialah

Menarik kan...??!! =)

Belum pon menjejakkan kaki ke bumi China, company dah buka next trip. Third trip for the year. Annually, the third trip will be Europe countries. This time around, we will be flying off to

MasyaAllah, tak terfikir pon akan dapat pergi ke PARIS-LONDON dalam masa terdekat nih. Sebelum ni mmg I always dream to go to these beautiful countries. In fact, dalam facebook bila nampak je friends yang pergi mesti SANGAT SANGAT teruja.

Let's have a look on pictures of tempting PARIS-LONDON..

PARIS, the Capitol of the World



So what are you waiting for?
The clock is TICKING... start NOW! 

Be in our Beautiful Circle of GREEN LEADERS GROUP 
under dedicated leader


brilliant mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi

So come and JOIN US! Secure your ticket(s)...

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