Monday, 18 June 2012

CDM Naa Kamaruddin .. :)

Beautiful Circle presents....

Achieved the highest level in this Premium Beautiful business in just 1 year++.

You deserve it.

Naa conveying her first speech as CDM. So inspiring and touching.

Receiving the official handbag from our sifu, CDM Siti Rohana

Part of Beautiful Circle.

CDM Hanis Hanis, the golden finger!

Naaaaaaaaaaaaa.....!!!!! =)

My two good friends. Always support me from the start.

A bouquet from me and Shazwan to my dearest CDM Naa. :)

Gambar wajib bersama yang di raikan. So proud of you dear. I will follow you.....

Sweet moment with sweet mentor in her sweet smile, CDM Hanis Haizi. Brilliant and humorous person.
An idol to everyone. A millionaire at young age.
Amazing isn't it?

From strangers, we become friend. Started from Vietnam trip, we'll be travelling around the world together. Congratulations to DDM Syida. Amik aura pen. Me next! =D

Be part of beautiful circle now under dedicated leader like 
CDM Naa Kamaruddin

Call me!

"Opportunity does not knock, but it presents itself when you beat down the door"

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