Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ngày 2 - Malaysia Hổ gầm lên thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (Day 2 - Harimau Malaya roars HCMC)

Day 2 - started with awesome buffet breakfast at the hotel
Theme of the day: BLUE; with guys wearing Harimau Malaya jersey!!

Bus departed hotel as early as 8am
We went to Water Puppet Theatre
Mar and me...
...hubbies' posts - perut, one pack, perut, perut, one pack, perut, one pack, one pack...hhehehe

...ala2 skuad bola
Hanis Haizi's group at the theatre's entrance...!!

Naa Kamaruddin's beautiful circle of biz partners... =) TKC-mates!! Go girls...!!

"Dong, dong..!!" (Shazwan ponteng...tak aci!!)

...another hubbies' posts

My leader's group with my Mentor...

Apparently, Vietnam's Water Puppet Theatre show is well known internationally
It's their tradiotional form of art. Kalau kat Malaysia, ala-ala wayang kulit laa hehehe...

Musicians and singers were at the left and right of the stage, and kat tengah2 tu puppets dalam air - controlled by humans from behind the green blind.

So unique..!!

...puppets in action!!

...'pelakon2' from behind the blind

After the puppet show, we went to  
Vietnam's War Remnant's Museum...
We didn't spent so much time here sbb masing2 daa tak sabar nk pegi shopping!!

=) =) =) the museum's entrance, with Hanis and partners

...a snap before leaving, with Aliah and her biz partner

From the museum, we went for lunch at a Halal Restaurant in town...which after that,


Kami pergi ke Ben Thanh Market lagi.. :D
Kitorang tempah Vietnamese traditional costume for both of us, utk pakai masa gala dinner...tailoring bleh siap in 1 day
(nak tau camne rupe costume tu?...stay tune for my next post, SPECIAL POST!!)

Pastu, Shazwan tempah 1 complete suit, siap tailoring in 2-days. murah jek, USD90...!!

Nak tau lg? Stay Tune OK...!!

lời tạm biệt cho bây giờ (goodbye for now...heheheh)

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