Thursday, 23 February 2012

Premium Beautiful - Short Brassiere

Creating a perfect contour and well-balanced posture. Ensure that you can achieve immediate desirable results safely without medication and operation.

Materials used to manufacture Premium Beautiful:
  • Cut based on the body's three-dimensional design using stereoscopic far infrared rays for absolute precision and delicacy. It helps blood circulation and metabolism creating complete synergy with the human body. 
  • Excellent in absorbing sweat and allowing air circulation. It can be washed with ease while retaining its durability over time.
  • Can be stretched in all directions, its 360 degree elasticity fully accommodates the body's activity without losing any of the original shape.
  • The far infrared rays help improve the elasticity and firmness of the breasts while promoting their development.
Short Brassiere

  • Unique 3-piece dimensional cup designed to push up, support and firm breasts. Elegant pattern to present exclusiveness of the product.
  • Designed ergonomically with fine elastic mesh fabric and nano infrared red rays to promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance breasts elasticity as well as promote breasts development, sweat absorption and ventilation
  • Memory steel wire provides firmness and support effectively
  • Frontal and central bi-layer compression and tightness design helps to elevate and support breasts
  • Bi-layer compression and tightness design at back reshapes the back to an attractive contour
  • Delicate "u" shaped design shapes and sculpts a sleek back line
  • Extraordinary functions in sweat absorption, ventilation, hydrophilic and heat-trapping reduction
  • An unique 360 degrees stretchable elastic panel allows body to move freely without distortion
  • Unique breast pad designed to achieve maximal effect.

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