Sunday, 19 February 2012

Karnival Pengantin, Kerja Kahwin & Kesihatan 2012

Alhamdulillah, we experienced great first time experience opening our booth at Kuantan Parade, Kuantan, last 10-12 Feb 2012. 
Big thanks to all who involved directly and indirectly.  
Also special thanks to our customers and those who visited our booth. 
Great feedback from Kuantan - Terengganu people. It was so unexpected and superb! Million thanx to all of you again.

 It was an adhoc plan. Imagine laa, we saw the banner of this carnival just a week before the event and terus call organizer, tanya ada booth kosong lagi tak. Luckily only one left, for the cheapest price! Hehe. Yea laa, sbb first time and we dunno anything about booth etc, takut jgk tak balik modal. Huhu. Alhamdulillah, i got full support from my husband and in fact he was the one yg encouraged me to experience buka booth ;)
Thank you sayang! 

 We planned EVERYTHING in just A WEEK!
Buat bunting, reprint and photocopy pamphlets, beli mannequin, etc etc in just A WEEK! Mmg penat habis.  

But Alhamdulillah with help from my husband and dedicated business partners

Fishal Latifi



Nisa Zaidi

 it ended with biiigggggg smile =)

Not to mention to my beloved mother-in-law yang bersusah payah jaga Hareez siang malam. Thank you so much MAK! :)

Opportunity knocks only ONCE!
If i were to decide not to take that booth, mmg rugi. Syukur Ya Allah.

Premium Beautiful business has brought me to a level beyond my imagination. 

All of you out there still hesitating, don't be shy. Contact me today!

Just follow me in my beautiful team under great leader Naa Kamaruddin and the greatest Mentor Hanis Haizi

This is the right way for you to achieve your own miracle!


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