Tuesday, 27 December 2011

cyst, cyst...go away!!

Yesterday, Hareez genap 5 bulan. I can still freshly remember the moments that I went during the delivery of my first son...the pain, the courage, the happiness that I felt in the early morning of 26/07/2011. Let's put those aside first...I'll share the details in my upcoming posts.

Today, I would like to share moments that were much later after my delivery. About 44 days after Hareez was borned, both of us went for our scheduled check-ups in Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC). Memang I sengaja pilih tarikh check-up yang sama supaya tak payah travel banyak2 kali for medical check-up. It was 07/09/2011 - just about a week of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Hareez's check-up went well, with his weight was 4.4kg and height was 50cm - Alhamdulillah, normal figures for a 44 days-young baby. His paedatrician specialist was Dr. Anthony James Masul. Hareez got his 1st vaccination during this check-up...can't remember the vaccines' names hehehe

For my check-up, I continued with Dr. Seri Suniza Suffian. During the check-up, Dr. Seri detected a cyst sized 4.89cm long in my ovary. What?? A cyst?? I was really shocked on the gynae's observation!! According to her, the cyst was there probably as a result of my previous miscarriaged pregnancy - end of October 2010. She said, if the size reaches 5.0cm, I need to undergo a surgery to remove the cyst.

Ouchhh...!! Surgery tuuuuu..!! Dr. Seri described: "...if the size not exceed 6.0cm, nanti surgeon akan masukkan one loonngg needle through your pusat, and it will suck the fluid inside the cyst and eventually kecutkan and reduce size cyst tu. After that, you'll be just fine... kalo exceed, might undergo normal operation procedure...". NO!!!!! Arggghhhhhhhh takutnyaaa...!! Dah laa I tak pernah being admitted to any hospital...masa bersalin bulan 7 haritu laa was my first time I masuk wad. Inikan pulak nak kena undergo surgical procedure lagi...HADDOIIIII!! Don't waaaannnntttt..!! Camne I nak jaga Hareez kalau Shazwan balik Kuantan? Camne I nak breastfeed Hareez kalau I warded? Sape nak tunggu I kat ward?
Arrrrggghhhh...taknak kena bedah!!

Dr. Seri said, I would have to come again in 3-months time and do another check-up untuk monitor whether the cyst develops or not. Perrgghh...takut gila kot after I keluar from bilik Dr. Seri tu uhuk3 I memang sangat takut bila dengar pasal surgery tu. I really hoped that I won't have to undergo the procedure...

What did I do?

At that moment, I yakin Premium Beautiful Corset boleh membantu to reduce the size of the cyst and I continue pki PB, minimum of 8 hours aday, as usual, tak kira masa kat rumah ke, pergi shopping ke, masa makan ke, dukung Hareez ke, breastfeed Hareez ke...I consistently put on PB to me because I really believe the Long Girdle (LG) can help me remove the cyst in 3-months time. At the same time, I jugak berdoa banyak-banyak pada Allah supaya usaha I ni diberkati dan dimakbulkan, dan semoga cyst tu akan hilang akhirnya.

3-months later...

It was recently, on Friday 16/12/2011, that I went to PCMC again for a follow-up with Dr. Seri. Scheduled the check-up at 3.30pm. Suspen betol time nak masuk bilik Dr. Seri tu...(one thing, mayb because we were a bit late hehehe)...dgn Shazwan sekali pun cuak jugak. Once Dr. Seri letak jek scanner dia tu kat my abdomen...she said:

"...waaaa, Alhamdulillah!! Your cyst is totally gone..!! Nothing...nothing here. Yeap, it's clear..!!"

ALHAMDULILLAH..!! The cyst was totally gone..!! 
I was sooooo happpyyy...Shazwan was also soooo happpyyy...and I'm sure Hareez pun soo happyy jugak, sebab boleh terus breastfeed dengan mommy..!! :-) hahahahaa...

I bersyukur sangat-sangat pada Allah, sebab makbulkan permintaan hamba-Nya ini. I jugak bersyukur yang usaha memakai PB consistently membuahkan hasil kesihatan yang mengagumkan..!! Syukur pada Allah. Thanks to bakal DDM Naa Kamaruddin, my leader for introducing me with this great product - not to mention the great and big business opportunities as well!! Also big thanx to CDM Hanis Haizi, our brilliant mentor for our business group for the great guidance and courage to continuously spread the good results of PB to people out there.

For all of you out there yang still belum memiliki lagi corset PB yang hebat ni, you need to call me now to know more about PB!! Untuk kesihatan, untuk kecantikan, untuk keunggulan!! Hebatnya PB ni memang dah terbukti...not only my testimonial above, but there are sooo many other good stories yang ramai lagi tak tahu pasal PB ni...!!

Masalah cyst? Masalah tulang belakang? Masalah fibroid? Masalah sel kanser? Masalah kulit? Masalah lemak berlebihan? Semuanya boleh selesai dengan PB..!!

So, what are you waiting for? 
Do call me now!! 
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  1. Alhamdulillah..dengan izinNya, with Premium Beautiful, cyst boleh kecut dan hilang ;)

  2. Mohon share ur experience coz my customer pnah ty psl cyst ni boleh sembuh ke klu pkai PB..i nk bg prove kt die...tq

  3. Aienn... i nk share your testi in my blog... will credit to you link...